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Connecting elementary schools and high schools in China

Date: December 06, 2010

Group of C.I. teachers visited 6 elementary schools and high schools in China, including 2 schools affiliated with Beijing Normal University and 4 famous schools in Beijing and Jinan,Shangdong, for the purpose of establishing a new relationship with local schools here in Quebec.


Chinese Language and culture courses

Date: December 03, 2010

Since the establishment of Confucius Institute in Quebec, the enrollment of Chinese courses has gone upwards steadily year by year. The Institute offers general Chinese language courses and also certificate programs in Chinese language teaching, Chinese calligraphy and painting, Chinese traditional medicine, and others. Last year, more than 300 students joined our Chinese language and Chinese culture classes and this year, the number is even greater. Recently, CI launched Chinese classes to post graduate students and they generated tremendous interest and were well received.


HSK and YCT exam in C.I. this year

Date: November 30, 2010

The HSK is a national standardized exam which aims to test the Chinese proficiency of non-native Chinese speakers for the purpose of academic pursuit, daily and working environment Chinese language application. This year the HSK at the Confucius Institute in Quebec went very well, and in addition, more than 500 youngsters participated in the children’s version of the exam.


Date: November 13, 2010

A new test center, the Confucius Institute in Montreal, Quebec is launching the New Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) and New Youth Chinese Test (YCT).  Both written tests are scheduled on November 13th, 2010 in Confucius Institute in Quebec located in Dawson College, downtown Montreal.


Overseas Chinese Music Grades Competition

Date: November 10, 2010

Confucius Institute in Quebec hosted the Overseas Chinese Music Grades Competition organized by the China Central Academy of Music for the 3 past years running. The competition, which drew increasing participation from young talented Chinese traditional musical instrument players, played a positive role in the promotion of Chinese music awareness and acknowledgement.


Organize local school board administrative group visiting China

Date: October 22, 2010

Following a very successful trip to China by 16 school principals of a local school board, which was organized and supported by C.I, another group, this time top school board officials, paid a special visit to China. Confucius Institute in Quebec established contacts for the school board delegation with Shanghai Educational bureaus and related schools, made sure that the group would be able to develop pedagogical relationships with Chinese schools and opened up avenues for future exchange and cooperation.


Organize local students group visiting China

Date: October 20, 2010

For the first time this year, Confucius Institute in Quebec organized a trip to China for a group of 14 students, each representing one high school from Montreal CSBM school board. The specially organized itinerary included visiting Shanghai Expo 2010, high schools in Shanghai, meeting with local students, experiencing traditional Chinese gardens and villages in Suzhou and Zhouzhuang. The student also stayed in Beijing for 3 days before they came back to Canada.


Seminar: Chinese traditional arts vs. Western arts

Date: October 15, 2010

Professor Wang Xiaoyin of Shanghai Normal University, special guest lecturer of Confucius Institute, gave a series of lectures in English to C.I and Dawson College students and teachers alike on Chinese traditional arts and comparative studies of Eastern and Western arts. Her lectures were so interesting and educational that even the usually unruly young students became the enthusiastic bunch. Some students said, after listening to the lectures, that they became interested in traveling to China.


Seminar: Understanding more of Tai Chi

Date: October 05, 2010

Mr. Chen Zhenglei, one of the ten Grand Masters of Tai Chi in China, and direct descendant of the Chen Style Tai Chi Founder, visited Confucius Institute in Quebec. His visit attracted a great deal of attention in the local community and further fostered the understanding of Tai Chi and encouraged interest in learning and practising Tai Chi.


Chen's Tai Chi Seminar

Date: October 01-02, 2010


North American Confucius Institute Joint Conference (Washington, D.C.)

Date: April 24-25, 2010

Executive Director of the Confucius Institute in Quebec (CIQ), Meng Rong, was again joined by Chinese Director Yi Min for the North American Confucius Institute Joint Conference in Washington, D.C. on August 24th and 25th, 2010.  In total, the conference was attended by representatives from 74 Confucius Institutes and 92 Confucius Classrooms.


Seminar:  Early Childhood Literacy Development

Date: April 22, 2010

On April 22nd, Dawson College was fortunate to receive Professor Shu Hua, expert in child psychology from Beijing Normal University on her way through Montreal to conferences in the U.S., including a talk at Yale University.


Canadian Confucius Institute Director's Conference (Edmonton, Alberta)

Date: April 14, 2010

Meng Rong, Executive Director of the Confucius Institute in Quebec (CIQ), Chinese Director Yi Min, and Dean of International Development Donald Walker, joined Stuart Wachowicz, Director of the Confucius Institute in Edmonton, and directors from New Brunswick's and McMaster University's Confucius Institutes (CI) for the Directors' Conference in Edmonton, Alberta on April 14th 2010.


Seminar: Entering the Chinese Market for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and How to Avoid Pitfalls

Date: April 09, 2010

Montreal-born and educated Jérôme Beaugrand-Champagne, co-owner of the Chinese branch of the popular and expanding Canadian company, Fruits & Passions and a representative of HB Global (the consulting division of Heenan Blaikie LLP) presented his seminar,  Entering the Chinese Market for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and How to Avoid Pitfalls at Dawson College on April 9th, 2010. 


Tiger in Spring Concert at Dawson College

Date: March 20, 2010

Co-hosted with the Canadian Association of Oriental Fine Arts, the Confucius Institute presented the Tiger in Spring Concert to a full house at the Dawson Theatre. Among the guests were the Chinese Consular Guixi Li and Secretary Peng Zhou Song, who came from Ottawa specifically to attend the concert. They were joined by Dawson's own Donald Walker, Dean of International Development.


Chinese Course for local CSDM school board

Date: March 20, 2010

In order to promote learning and teaching of Chinese in local elementary and secondary schools, Confucius Institute in Quebec has developed close contacts and meaningful relationships with local school boards. The Institute provided help to local school boards with Chinese teachers and volunteers, and also teaching materials. Teachers from C.I. are also involved in the teaching directly to the school board officials as well as teachers of the local schools.


Chinese language for Expo Shanghai

Date: March 01, 2010

2010 Shanghai Expo once again opened China to the whole world and at the meantime, welcomed the whole world into China. The city of Montreal, which has sister city ties with Shanghai, participated in the Expo by setting up a pavilion in the Urban Show Case Exhibition. Before the opening date of the Expo, the government of Montreal invited C.I. to design a special training session for the Shanghai-bound city officials who needed to learn basic Chinese and Chinese culture in order to manage different situations in Shanghai during the Expo.


The Confucius Institute Celebrates the Chinese New Year and Spring Festival with Collège Bourget and Dawson College

Date: February 16 & 17, 2010

Collège Bourget, located near Rigaud, Québec was founded in 1850.  Amongst its many goals, the Collège embraces the importance of the world we live in and the development of artistic and cultural awareness. It is in this spirit that the Collège Bourget undertook an agreement with the Hanban (The Office of Chinese Language Council International North America Office) in 2007 to offer Chinese culture and Mandarin instruction to its students as an elective class. With 95% of the student body made up of Québécois locals, it is remarkable that three years since the launch of these courses, there are seven grades attending Mandarin language and Chinese culture classes.


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