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Chinese Summer Camp

Date: August 10, 2012

This past August, twenty-seven high school students and teachers from Montreal area school boards, accompanied by a teacher from the Confucius Institute in Quebec, travelled to China for Summer Camp.


May 23rd, 2012: Understanding the Basics of Chinese Medicine

Date: May 2012

Traditional medicine is central to the lives of many Chinese people. For those who have left China for Western communities, access to traditional remedies that many continue to subscribe to can be very difficult. Given this phenomenon, Chinese acupuncturist, Mr. Yuan Yi Ding, decided to focus on traditional Chinese medicine as the topic for two lectures, which he gave at Dawson College on May 15th and May 23rd.


Grand Master of Chen-Style Tai Chi Visits Montreal

Date: May 2012

In early May 2012, the Confucius Institute in Quebec welcomed the Grand Master of Chen-style Tai Chi to Dawson College. Enthusiasts of all ages flocked to Dawson College, where the Grand Master offered 3 days of lectures, demonstrations and activities, as well as gave participants the opportunity to exchange ideas. This year’s visit marked the Grand Master’s second trip to Montreal, and hopefully not his last, as many attendees expressed interest in attending a yearly Tai Chi event.


HSK – The Chinese Proficiency Test

Date: May 19, 2012


Opening Ceremony: Confucius Institute at Carleton University

Date: April 19th, 2012

This past April 19th, 2012, Executive Director of the Confucius Institute in Quebec, Meng Rong, was proud to attend the official opening of the Confucius Institute at Carleton University in Ottawa. The opening was attended by the Chinese Ambassador to Canada, Mr. Zhang Jun Sai, the Mayor of Ottawa, Mr. James Alexander Watson and the President and Vice-Chancellor of Carleton University, Dr. Roseann O’Reilly Runte. Also joining the guests for the Opening were Ms. Xu Lin, Executive Director, and Mr. Wang Yongli, Deputy Director, of Hanban, the Confucius Institute Headquarters, as well as Mr. Li Chang Chun, a leading political figure in China working in the field of Communications.


The Powerful Water Dragon – Oriented Towards Sound VIII

Date: March 23, 2012

One of a series of events presented by the Confucius Institute in Quebec, and brought to you in cooperation with the Canadian Association of Oriental Fine Arts and the Université du Québec à Montréal5 (UQAM), The Powerful Water Dragon: Oriented towards Sounds VIII, united traditional Chinese music and cross-cultural presentations. The concert was held before a sold-out audience in the Dawson College Theatre on Friday, March 23rd, 2012. Performers came from a number of local schools and art troupes, including the Gu Zheng Ensemble of Montreal, the Jia Hua Chinese School, Jing Ju Canada and Panama, a dance troupe from the Philippines.


Chinese Language Web Testing Conference – San Francisco

Date: February 24-26, 2012

The first conference in North America for Chinese Language Web Testing was held over the weekend of February 24 - 26 in San Francisco, California, USA and hosted by San Francisco State University. In attendance and representing the Confucius Institute in Quebec were the Executive Director Meng Rong and Li Min,  who is responsible for HSK testing.  Attendees from more than 30 Confucius Institutes were represented at the Conference, amongst them were representatives from the Confucius Institute at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.


The Powerful Water Dragon

Date: January 26, 2012


Chinese New Year Celebration – Sinclair Laird Elementary School in Park Extension

Date: January 26, 2012

The Confucius Institute sent four teachers to Sinclair Laird Elementary School, located in Park Extension, to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. The school gym was decorated with Chinese lanterns and booths to introduce the students to traditional paper cutting, Go chess, painting and calligraphy. 


Académie Lafontaine

Date: January 24, 2012

The Académie Lafontaine, located in Saint-Jérôome, began exposing students to Chinese language and culture by offering optional Chinese language courses at the secondary 5 level. With the support of the Confucius Institute, the school’s principal, M. Claude Potvin, now plans to extend Chinese language courses to the school’s 19 classes, comprised of about 1 000 students, ranging from the elementary to the high school level.


Chinese New Year Gala – Place des Arts

Date: January 14, 2012

On January 14th, 2012, the Confucius Institute in Quebec, along with the Phoenix (Huayun) Art Troupe of Montreal, presented a New Years Gala at Place des Arts.  Hosted by Andrew Chang of CBC News, the Gala celebrated the impending arrival of spring and fêted the Chinese New Year of the Dragon.  The Dragon is of distinct significance in Chinese culture and tradition symbolizing strength, good luck and flexibility and making this year’s celebration particularly important.


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